Micah Meadowcroft

Micah Meadowcroft

I'm a writer and editor living in the DC area. When I'm not writing, I'm reading, wandering the city on walks friends find idiosyncratic, or talking about politics, theology, and culture. I have an MA in social science from the University of Chicago, where I wrote a thesis on sovereignty, authority, and technology in a few works of 20th-century political theology. Before grad school, I was associate editor at the Washington Free Beacon. My work has appeared in print in the New Atlantis, Providence magazine, the Wall Street Journal books section, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and First Things, and online at American Compass's blog, The Commons, American Affairs journal, Law & Liberty, the American Conservative, and elsewhere. I still count the Pacific Northwest as home, though I studied history as an undergraduate at Hillsdale College and have only fond memories of Michigan. Memento mori, coram Deo.

Recent Posts

  • An Update, Including American Compass

    September 14th, 2020

    It's been over a year since I posted something here. Obviously, a lot has happened.

  • Happy Easter, Lent is Over

    April 21st, 2019

    Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Alleluia!

    It’s Easter, which means I’ve just had a wonderful weekend of joyous celebration. In church and in friends I am richly blessed. That it is Easter also means Lent is over; I’m back on Twitter. So, before the 50 days of Eastertide cause the fast to fade like a dream, I’d like to try to reflect very briefly on what I may or may not have learned from logging off.

  • "Dark Star Park" and Bad Architecture, Or: Why I Hate Rosslyn

    March 27th, 2019

    Northern Virginia is really ugly, so ugly you can differentiate between the levels of ugliness.

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Some places you can find my writing:

Sundry reviews, reports, and diversions—JBP, Yeezy, Ancient Rome, ’Murica, and more—for the Washington Free Beacon.

Discursive reflections on life in technological modernity in the New Atlantis.

Nationalism and the Trump moment at American Affairs.

Anglophilic crunchy con-ness, or why the libertarians are not your friend, on NRO.

“You probably haven’t heard of him”—reviewing Pat Deneen before everyone else did, in the Wall Street Journal.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, peripatetic thoughts and journalism at the American Conservative.

Don’t hold it against me: a college summer’s worth of youthful indiscretions for the American Spectator.

Blog posts about the ongoing realignment in U.S. politics for the American Compass over at their blog, The Commons.